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Because Science!

Kyle Hill at Nerdist speaks on the subject of hive minds and explains that they are really just individuals observing the actions of the other individuals near to them - a starling keeping tabs on the 6 closest other starlings, a locust changing direction in response to bites on its legs from the locusts behind it...

Ew. I won't sympathise with locusts! I won't sympathise with locusts! I won't!

Anyweasals, cool vid, right?

It seems to demonstrate exactly the same phenomenon that underlies price changes in a marketplace, whereby all vendors change their prices very quickly to reflect the movement of the equilibrium price they're chasing. Only an efficient markets hypothesis guy would think we ever get there, but the chase on the other hand is very real.

Obviously hive minds are not real independent of the minds of the individuals partaking in a given social order. Each bee is as fundamentally locked inside itself as each human is, hence the head-butting described in the video.

Epistemologically even these hive-dwelling creatures can't demonstrate scientifically any basis whatsoever for the fundamental claims of collectivists to speak with humanity's voice prior to their own individual voices.

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