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Videos of Dierdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey is currently my favorite economist.

McCloskey sums up the message of the first few chapters of her book Bourgeois Equality - our lives have been transformed for the better by modern economic growth;

Going in to some depth about why that explosive economic growth actually happened;

Interviewed by Dave Rubin;

A fancy debate;

Another fancy debate, this time for IQ Squared;

The Labor Theory of Value according to some YouTube videos...

The labor theory theory employed by many anti-capitalists generally hinges on the Marxian unit of account called socially necessary abstract labor time - where abstract means average - because fuck Capital Volume Three's even worse quagmire of prices of production.

This is fun and short;

The following video deals with the Marxist rebuttal to the, admittedly half-baked, mud pie criticism. He points out here that it is only after a good is sold that one can begin looking back through time to try to figure out how many labor-points went in to it;

This one's more lighthearted. Two t-shirts employ the same SNALT as each other but seel for different prices. One features Che Guevara, the other Milton Friedman. Different strokes - and therefore different prices - for different folks;

Aaaaaand a more technical exposition of marginalism;