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N.W.A knew what the were talking about, but after one's done getting rid of one's local road pirate cum police force, what does one replace them with?

Commentaryism... No, AnComs, Wage Labour Ain't a Form of Violence...

A conversation in which somebody explains very neatly why the AnCom critique of voluntary, contractual wage labour is a non-starter, and no talk of theories of value was necessary!

In the Red and Black corner we have Cipher, and in the Yellow and Black corner, V!


Market contracts are not voluntary. That's an insane dichotomy. An ultimatum between starvation and a corporate tithe is not a choice. Don't paint it as such, it's f****** asinine.  It discredits an already ridiculous philosophy. Anarcho capitalism is just re-bagged laissez-faire capitalism. There's nothing original about it.

Who's forcing you to enter contracts? You either work, receive charity or starve under any anarchic system.

Sustenance is a biological prerequisite for survival, seems to me you're equivocating it with "force".

A system with only contracts is not voluntary. It's orwellian doublespeak.
Slaves also had the lovely "voluntary" choice of obeying th…

Commentaryism... P.J Part Two

This guy reminds me of that dA opponent.

This comment thread hails from this Youtube video;


anarchopac, There is a deeper logical problem with ancapism. You can't pay a 'defence agency' to protect your property unless you already have property. Therefore you already need to know who owns what. Who decides who owns what? Why property owners and their 'defence agencies' of course!


You own your body and you own the product of your labor because your body created it. There, I solved the who-owns-what problem!


so no one can own natural resources because no one created them, right?



No one can own natural resources that no one has done anything with. The moment someone puts their own labor into mining it or melting it or refining it they now take ownership over it since they created something with it. Kinda like the idea of homesteading.


You are using very imprecise language.

Say for example…

Commentaryism... P.J Part One

A repository of ridiculousness from one Philippe James, taken from;


 Anarcho-capitalists do not want maximum liberty, that is simply a lie. And maximum liberty does not entail increasing 'maximum coercion on the other side'.

Ancaps are against liberty because they advocate an authoritarian capitalist property regime backed by force. They advocate an unequal, hierarchical world in which some people have power and control whilst others do not.

PJ - directed at Jesse Thomas

If you're a so-called "ancap" then you're not any sort of anarchist. You are an authoritarian, you are not against coercion, and you advocate theft on a massive scale. 


Ha, good one. By not advocating theft or any other form of coercion, somehow I advocate theft and coercion. Leftist logic


No, the problem is that your ideology is nothing but deceitful garbage rhetoric and lies. Nothing any of you people ever say is the truth. You just de…