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Saga Iceland Was a Communal Society... Really?

Oh Lord, grant me nose plugs mightier than Adamintine, for the Anarchist FAQers have been at their mischief again.

Like Iain McKay's reply to Bryan Caplan's long essay The Anarcho-Statists of Spain there is a big problem with the dispute. Basically the attackers make a big deal out of things that either don't affect Friedman's case, or that only affect it slightly.

~~~ COMMUNAL ~~~

For some reason the existence of local governments called hreppar (hreppr singular) is the main historical item used to dispute Friedman's claim that Saga Iceland played host to polycentric law and private property. Yes I uttered that sentence and yes I'm accurately summing up these guys' argument.

In other words they don't bother dealing with the actual meat of Friedman's argument, which is that there was no centralised executive to bring cases to trial. All cases were brought privately.

The laws of the land allowed for a set number of godord or arbitration associations, …

Econ Versus Elon!

Tesla has for some time offered its customers free lifetime recharges at Tesla charging stations. Anyone wanna guess the result? Turns out charging no money for the use of a scarce resource leads to shortages/excessive demand. Le gasp! In this case it means long queues of Model S and X Teslas lining up for juice, like a luxury breadline.