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Commentaryism - Chomsky, Molyneux & Neofeudalism

Notes for a video about private property.

whiskeyhammer 90

AnCap is just neo-feudalism.



No, it isn't. You're a liar.


whiskeyhammer 90

"I inherited this kingdom from my father, peasant, you're living on my private property. Go start your own kingdom if you don't like paying rent and fees as taxes. What's stopping you? And why do you complain about force? I have a right to defend MY PROPERTY, just because you were born in my kingdom doesn't mean you own it peasant. You're aggressing against MY PROPERTY!  RESPECT MUH PROPERTY RIGHTS!" - anarcho-fedoraism is just that.

No king ever homesteaded shit. If you think they did, you are not an attentive student of history. Not to mention it was kings and barons who created the English, German and Swiss commons that socialist anarchists worship so much.



Commentaryism - Butterflies in One's Tummy

Yet another stupid argument with people whose ability to understand reality has been warped and turned upside down. Annotations in yellow, argument is here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alfonso Gutierrez
Capitalism and free-markets have murdered billions of people, so the free-market economies have led to starvation and wars.

Trade has not killed anybody ever. What about capitalism?

Given that authoritarianism is implicit in the free-market theory.

Not even a sentence, let alone an accurate claim about the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alfonso Gutierrez
Libertarian scumbag keep denying the truth. Free-market capitalism destroyed the world's economies. 

Surely this is just trolling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alfonso Gutierrez
Privatization of our communities is destroying our democracy. It is time to impeach the corrupt libertarian supreme court.

Is this in reference to the enclosure of common land? Only primitive tribes and state-enforced edicts have ever created a so-called…