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Commentaryism in deviation

I have failed
To be sure, I am a liberal, but I take liberalism to its logical conclusion. This makes me a private property anarchist, or anarcho-capitalist. Thus I typed the phrase 'anarcho capitalism' into DeviantArt a couple of weeks ago - I've been a member for a long time - and, hey presto, up come dozens of meme images presented by socialists of varying stripes. Almost nothing by an actual liberal got in there.
DeviantArt is a very cool place but it's a bit of a pit when it comes to politics. Artists tend towards the socialist side of economic thinking since, as Paul Cantor explains, they want to be subsidised by the state to produce art without thought for whether anybody else wants it first. That is, they don't want to produce value for anyone else, making them anti-social.

The site works by providing an online art gallery for still or moving images and writing, along with a system of comments. Each submission to the site, called a 'deviation', get…