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Is the Left finally eating itself to death?

Folks at Reddit are at it again! This time it's a bunch of Lefty Feminazis bemoaning the existence of trans-people.

Turns out trans-people exist because of evil man-loving woman-hating capitalism. No word of a lie, guv'nor. The factual fallacies come thick and fast. Big Pharma are pushing drugs to an impressionable - and of course completely passive - public. Apparently all the literature on gender dysphoria is nonsense.

Oh well, I'll go inform ancap writer and publisher Winter Trabex she's definitely a man and should... what... man up? Isn't that un-PC as well? Maybe these people don't really care about the origins of true gender dysphoria; the actual reason many professionals want it de-listed as a recognised disorder is due to stigma attached to a diagnosis for the people in question, not because it doesn't exist.

But maybe this represents something bigger? We love to imagine actions and ideas fitting into sweeping narratives. Maybe the Left is finally cannibalising itself. God knows it's overdue. While I have nothing venomous against moderate statist lefties like social democrats the harder guys, the ones who unambiguously identify as socialists first, whether democratic, revolutionary or anarchist folk really grind my gears aand could do with finally just disappearing outright up their own arseholes.

But am I right in inferring this narrative? Time will tell. I'd love it if the only lefties I had to contend with were social liberals and social democrats.


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